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"My garage used to be a place to store all my junk, now it is another room of our house. We installed a new refrigerator in the garage since you finished and that complements the cabinets, flooring, painting, heater, hose reel and vacuum that you installed. The result far exceeded our expectations. Thank you!"
~ Lisa and Nichy Vegas

"The remodeling in our garage has made the space so nice that when we had Thanksgiving this year we decided to use that room since it is heated, clean and very large. We had a great time plus it was real easy to take out the garbage when we were done with meal!"
~ Gordon and Margey Heffern

"It was like building an addition on to the house at a fraction of the cost. My garage space is now usable, clean and gorgeous."
~ Ken and Marci Marg,

"Well I have to admit I keep finding excuses to go out in the garage! The transformation really is incredible, you we’re right in saying it makes the garage another room in the house. You and your crew did a terrific job, and the end result is really super, thanks!
~ Drew and Cathy Peretzky

"I chose your products based on the quality and your professionalism. The sales rep (Jesse) was great to work with and very courteous. Jesse was very helpful and helped with the installation. He was prompt in coming back to make some minor adjustments and as a result I am confident you will stand behind the products and installation. The installers were neat and professional. Great job and I am very satisfied"
~ Jodi and Jeff Gottlieb, Sterling Lakes Development

"I chose Slide-Lok because I thought the cost was reasonable based on the quality of your products. You exceeded our expectations!! I especially appreciated how well you my wife was treated by your crew while I was out of town. I will highly recommend your company!"
~ David Schumann

"Great Job!! Love the easy cleanup on the floor. The cabinets are wonderful."
~ Randi Lippe

"I chose Slide-Lok products based on my perceived quality of the product and the ease of installation. Overall, I was pleased with the experience. Dealing with your company was easy and un-eventful! The installation of the cabinets was just as easy. The after sales support was Excellent!"
~ Gene Kleckner (Do-It-Yourself Installer of Slide-Lok Cabinets)

“You were all so professional and it was a pleasure dealing with a company that could take care of everything (electrical, painting, flooring, carpentry, and cabinets). Great suggestions from Mario and Jesse and both the products and installation is the highest quality. I have never seen a crew work so hard. Thanks for making it such a nice, fun experience for us. We love our new garage and will be showing it off to a lot of people. We still can’t believe how great the garage looks!”
~ Susan and Rocky Saxbe

“Just outstanding from Mario to Marty & Jim, who painted, to Mike & Rich, who did the floor, to Pete, Vic & Scott, who assembled and installed the cabinets”
~ Richard Heckathorn

We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers!!

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